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MAEDA  Bracelet

MAEDA  bracelet  improves & activates the blood circulation and that will add benefits to diabetic , cardiac & hypertensive patient, improving blood circulation will reduce more 80% of rheumatoid pain & arthritic pains that don’t respond except to analgesics , that sometimes cause peptic ulcer, renal troubles or hepatic impairment after long term use and if not used properly under supervision of a doctor, MAEDA bracelet produce Infrared (F.I.R ) and Negative Ions for best health & vitality .

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MAEDA Bracelets reduce 80% of arthritis painBracelets reduce 80% of arthritis pain

Infrared produced by the MAEDA Bracelets improve circulation , Stimulate the circulatory system works to reduce pain of rheumatism and arthritis pain and neck pain and shoulder pain and pain spine.
Therefore can reduce the analgesics for patients with arthritis and bone pain and spine pain because analgesics threatening intestinal wall and kidney function and liver

The Impact of electromagnetic waves harmful to human health

Researchers carried out by the world health organization have proven the harmful side effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body and what it can cause, as stress , nervousness , dormancy and pain especially low back pain , neck pain , shoulder pain , muscle and joint pains .

Nowadays we can't neglect the new technology that has changed our life style a lot , like using mobile phone, computers ,TV's , microwaves and other electric devices in addition to the hazards of mobile phone network and and high voltage electric network.

Japan as a giant in science and technology & because they use unusual methods to deal with problems have reached "Maeda bracelet" as one of the best solutions to protect the human against the harmful side effects of electro-magnetic waves

Our new life style has forced us to a new way of living away from physical activities and sport practice and that has led to spreading of diseases like obesity ,diabetes ,hypertension, heart failure and ischemia . All these diseases have a negative impact on the blood circulation which is considered the base for a good health

Why MAEDA bracelet ?

  • Absorbs the harmful electromagnetic waves.

  • Converts the harmful electromagnetic waves into infrared (F.I.R) radiations that have beneficial effects on the human body .

  • Improves blood circulation and helps increase blood flow.

  • Increases the body immunity.

  • medical bracelet help deep sleep - MAEDA BraceletMaintains balance of the nervous system .

  • Helps you get rid of nervousness and helps you relax .

  • Helps you go into deep sleeping ( treatment insomnia sleep ) .

  • Increases concentration and focusing .

  • Emits Negative Ions & Infrared (FIR) providing vitality .

  • Reduce the neck and back pain, arthritis pain and rheumatism and muscle and joint pains .

  • Help in the treatment of back pain, neck and shoulder, arthritis, rheumatism and treatment of weak nerves .

  • Help in the treatment of heart attacks and blood clots and cardiovascular diseases and headache

Infrared & Health: The Relationship

MAEDA Bracelet produce Infrared (F.I.R ) and Negative ions

Medical bracelet produce Infrared (F.I.R ) and Negative ionsWhen far infrared rays (FIR) penetrate the skin, they come into contact with proteins, collagen, fats and water molecules. By stimulating micro-vibrations far infrared cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures. The human body then reacts by dilating all the blood vessels regardless of size. Tissues are revitalized because of the improved (micro & macro) circulation.
FIR can actually increase the regenerative ability of the body tissue. It also reduces abnormalities in nervous system and helps the autonomous system function at optimum level. Scientists continue to study infrared wavelengths of light improve their understanding of its therapeutic effects on our bodies. FIR is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition and acclaim as a complimentary MAEDA and alternative therapy treatment
Infrared therapy has proven to be effective because its "hot rays" exhibit analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic capabilities. Therefore, Far Infrared products are useful in the treatment of sub-acute or chronic inflammations, and for trauma, scar adhesions and nerve pain

Our body generates Positive Ions as we absorb Negative Ions (Minus Ions) into our system, this gives us balance.
In Japan they have concluded that electricity, machinery, and human beings all compete for Minus Ions. It is believed that a low level of Minus Ion intake can cause an unbalance and may be the reason that some people have stress, nervousness and discomfort .
The composition of our Negative Ions Products attracts Minus Ions to your body. Depending on your ionic balance, they may offer you relief. We are all different. Minus Ion technology is not medicine (like aspirin), but could be compared more to vitamins. Minus Ions are sometimes referred to as the " Vitamins of the Air "

Now, benefit from Negative Ions and its’ inherent ion balancing power! In a soft, comfortable, pain-easing wrist band that really works!

Mechanism of action MAEDA bracelet

MAEDA bracelet begins its work on the nervous system as soon as you wear it, because it absorbs the electromagnetic waves surrounding the human body. MAEDA bracelet converts the harmful electromagnetic waves and the body temperature into  another form of useful energy which is the far infra red radiations that is absorbed by the body   activate cells & tissues  leading to vasodilatation of blood vessels and improve blood flow , returning vitality to the tissues . reducing pain and helps healing .
MAEDA bracelet also emits Negative Ions that makes you feel active & fresh & more energetic and helps you get rid of stress and increases your immunity

Who are recommended to wear MAEDA bracelet ?

  • Elderly men & women .

  • who complain of low back pain , shoulder pain , neck pain .

  • who complain of sleepiness , tired men , lassitude

  • who complain of loss of concentration .

  • who complain of insomnia through release of some hormones.

  • cardiac patients through vasodilatation of blood vessels and decreasing peripheral

    resistance and so improving  blood circulation and improving cardiac symptoms Feeling groggy and laziness and lack of activity because of the harmful electromagnetic waves

    ( Dyspnea – lowenlimb edeuna )

  • Diabetic patients through improving peripheral circulation

  • Rheumatic & osteoarthritis patient through improving blood circulation at the site of

    pain so this will dilute the concentration of pain producing substance (prostaylandin) at the site of pain.

Are there any evidence on its effects MAEDA Bracelet

YES , there are some studies & researches about what the MAEDA bracelet can do :

  • using Thermo graphic Camera you can see the revitalization of the circulatory system after wearing medical bracelet1 - Thermo graphic Camera :These are some photo carried out by a thermo graphic Camera for a hand on wearing the bracelet and on taking it off showing the difference that happened in the blood circulation , that is reflected by the change in colors

  • 2 - O-ring test : it's a test used to reflect the efficacy of the nervous system and muscle tone .

O ring test - Medical bracelet is the reason to strengthen the nerves of the human body and the parties and the nervous systemTest method of O-Ring test : the examinee is asked to form fairly prefect circle   (O-ring) by touching the tips of the thumb and the ring finger of one hand . The examiner inserts a pair of his finger (one of each hand) into the examinee's o-ring and joins them to his both thumbs to make two circles around the examinee's o-ring . Then he pulls the examinee's o-ring outward from both sides with his finger circles trying to open the o-ring, while the examinee's resists it .
Make this test two times, one while the examinee is wearing the bracelet and another while taking it off and realize the difference in the resistance of the examinee .

Is Maeda Bracelet safe ?

Yes . Maeda bracelet is very safe , has no side effects and no contraindications

How can you get maximum benefit of MAEDA Bracelet ?

It's recommended not to wear maeda bracelet with gold ,platinum ,and diamond , and not to be covered with
dark clothes because these materials absorbs part of the far infra red rays and minus ions produces by the bracelet.

How to use MAEDA bracelet ?

MAEDA bracelet "MAEDA bracelet" can be worn in hands ,legs or arms on a condition that it is in direct contact with the skin.
NB.It works on the whole body on wearing it any where in hands ,legs or arms.
MAEDA bracelet can be worn during daily activities also during sport practice even during sleeping and can not to be took off while take up a shower or washing. It's color may get changed due to sweat & dust and often long time of use , so you should take it off and wash it with soap & water using a tooth brush then dry it and leave it for 10 minutes then wear it again.

Card guarantee for a period of five years ago when they purchased the medical braceletGuarantee

We guarantee the MAEDA bracelet ( MAEDA Bracelet ) against manufacturing defaults for 5 years .








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